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Operation World Domination
18th-Feb-2007 09:58 pm
Hello hello!
I am now in Scotland and I have been since the 16th of February. If you don't remember (which is entirely okay if you don't, since I haven't been much of a presence (spelling?) in this lovely community to date), I am doing Spring semester at this ecovillage/spiritual/intentional community on the east coast of Scotland - called Findhorn. So far, it is amazing. Probably, a lot of my enthusiasm is just the excitement of being in a new place and with new people; probably it will wear off after a while but that is how it goes, and I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.
There is SO much to write about with what we are doing and the people I'm meeting and my roller coasting emotions, but I guess to ground myself I'll just write about today. (Gah, I'm already sounding more new-agey than usual!) Actually, so far one of the pleasant surprises is that I am finding myself to be more open to all of the "spirituality" and touchy-feely stuff that we are doing here than I thought that I would.
So, today: I woke up and I went for a run. Some of the guys in the group (there are six of them, and 12 women) have been running as a group in the mornings, and I kind of wanted to join them but feel awkward about it, especially because many of them seem quite athletic and I am an extremely slow runner. This morning I ran solo, and I felt really pretty bad physically (tiredness, stomach-achy from traveling and different food - the food here is really amazing so far - lots of veggies and whole grains, sometimes good sugar-free sweet things - but it is still new to me. I ran a bit on the beach. It is beautiful. This whole place is beautiful, and surprisingly warm - it is springlike, in fact. There are perwinkles blooming outside my door.
Our morning activity was a "Sacred Dance." It was actually lots of mostly eastern european circle dances, very simple (although I messed up quite a few step - the fun mess up way, like contra dancing). It didn't feel terribly sacred to me, but it did put me in a better place mentally and physically.
In the afternoon, we "attuned" to what our work service jobs are going to be. We had a choice of either homecare, maintenance, kitchen work, and gardening at either the Park campus (where we are all living) or Cluny Hill College, which is an old hotel owned by the larger Findhorn Foundation which now serves as an educational/residential/guest building. I didn't know what I wanted to do at all beforehand, but I ended up chosing to work in the cluny kitchen. I feel good about that choice. The attunement process seemed to work pretty well. Basically, after hearing descriptions of all of the possible choices, we sat in silence and meditated on them for a bit. Our "focaliser" which is Findhorn-speak for group leader, Erin, guided us by emphasizing that we should trust ourselves and not worry too much about making the "right choice." Helpful advice, for me. Then, Erin read out all of the positions and asked us to raise our hands when she read out the position that we had attuned to. Our eyes were closed throughout. There was some shifting around afterwards, but it shook out pretty well. All in all, and interesting experience.
Afterwards, we all went around in a circle and shared what we wanted to say - anything from why we were coming to the big huge emotional/family/relationship issues we were dealing with. It was really tiring, but I feel so grateful for it and I hope that it is only a taste of what is to come. Thats it for now. I love you all. Marga.
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