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Operation World Domination
hello friends! it looks like no one has updated in awhile; we seem… 
4th-Apr-2007 08:53 pm
hello friends!

it looks like no one has updated in awhile; we seem to have become wrapped up in our own lives. perhaps this is a good thing.

this will be a short post, just to let those who are not on my friends list know what i am up to.

1) i just got back from venice this weekend. im leaving for spain and then denmark tomorrow. it will be a 9 day affair and i dont really know where im staying but i have food, my books, my eurorail ticket and my flight information. i am set.
2) it is currently isp period (for those of you who are non-sit, this is the independent study period.) though ive had my complaints about sit, isp is amazing. we basically have the whole month off to do research. its let me enjoy geneva a whole lot more, and has given me the opportunity to not only travel but also immerse myself in something i love. im writing about immigration and integration in the context of the EU, doing a comparative analysis on policies in denmark and the uk (which are especially interesting examples because a) these are two areas where the immigrant controversy has been highly publicized and b) they have a strange relationship with the EU.) i am super excited.
3) i will be in new york this summer. i have recieved internship offers from the new york immigration coalition and the sadie nash project (actually, i still have to do an interview with them but i am maintaining positivity.) and mhc is funding it. im living with my friend kimmie this summer in maspeth, on the greenpoint border of brooklyn and queens. we're housesitting so the apartment is free. if youre in new york, you have a place to stay. im also going to be volunteering at night at bluestockings, an amazing radical feminist bookstore. we've also begun to plan roadtrips/camping adventures, so look out. i might be headed your way.
4) this is the happiest ive been in an extremely long time. ive learned more about myself this semester than i couldve ever expected. i am looking forward to coming home but im also so glad for this opportunity. ive realized im a much stronger person than i thought i was. ive also realized my limitations and have come to accept them.
5) life is very, very good.

i love and miss you all. i hope you are doing well. hope that i will be alright in spain.
12th-Apr-2007 01:21 am (UTC)
ahhh!! lena, that's so awesome that you're gonna be in NYC this summer. Soooo... this is a humongo thing for you to consider, BUT are you looking for another rooomate? i got an internship at the Environmental Grantmakers Association in NYC, and i'm dreading the rent of housing in manhattan. sidenote: housing me means visits from Eva when she gets back to the states! cool... let me know =)
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