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Operation World Domination
4th-Feb-2007 10:01 am
Want to hear something kind of hilarious? e all just got our roles cast for J-show (all being Liz, Katie, Grace, Erin Coates... and I don't remember who else) and I am... THE HAMPSHIRE PERSON! HA! I'm making all of Bill's friends come to J-show so they can see me making fun of them. I'm convinced the entire reason I was cast thusly was because I was dressed like a total hippie the night of auditions: Long flowy white skirt, red velvety scarf thing wrapped on my head, wacky vest-thing I found in the free-bin once upon a time.

I'm at my Mom's apartment, in New Hampshire, right now. I came last night (saturday) and I'm going back to school tomorrow. I check my e-mail this morning and there was an e-mail from the J-show director written at 9pm last night saying that I'm supposed to be at rehersal at 2pm today. Oops, oh well. I mean, I would love to be there, and I knew we would need to start rehersing soon, but I didn't think 'oh, I better not go home this weekend just in case they spring me with a last-minute rehersal'.
Oh well, my apologies.

I'm applying for a job at Amanouz, in Northampton! It's that Mediterranean and Moraccan cafe-style place, and it also happens to be my favorite place to eat EV-ER! Ivana Staiti applied, but what they started asking her about hours she said she couldn't do it. They said they would call me sometime yesterday, but of course they didn't. I'm perfect for the job! They always hire hippie white college girls to run the register and immigrants to do the cooking. Maybe I'm not cute enough. I mean, I looked a little pimply the day I went in, and the women that work there are always super-cute. And Ivana is beautiful. I wonder.
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